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Make life difficult for burglars

By using burglarproof window fittings, window handles with a locking mechanism and safety glazing, you effectively prevent burglars entering your house.
If you need security, depending on your security requirements, we recommend burglarproofing to Burglar Resistance Category 1 (WK 1) or Category 2 (WK 2).

Burglar Resistance Category 1

Components in Resistance Category 1
(WK 1)
offer basic protection against attempts to break in using bodily force such as kicking, jumping at the glass, shoulder-charging, forcing upwards and ripping out (mainly acts of vandalism).
At all four corners of the window octagonal lock bolts and security striking plates made of steel are fitted. 6-mm thick laminated safety glass remains bound together due to a plastic foil between the inner and outer panes even after a heavy blow.

Burglar Resistance Category 2

Components of Resistance Category 2
(WK 2)
offer protection against attempts to break in with simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges, with which opportunist thieves try to break open the locked and bolted component.
All parts of the fittings consist of octagonal lock bolts and security striking plates (depending on window size, as many as 12 lock bolts). Safety glass belonging to Category P4 (2 X 4 mm with 4-fold plastic foil) prevents a hole being made in the glass during a break-in so that the burglar cannot reach inside.


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